Beginning in March of 2001 as only one team, the Texas D1 Ambassadors was founded by Coach Max Ivany in Austin, TX.  With seven players going on to play Division One  college basketball from that initial group in the Class of 2006 the organization quickly became recognized as the crème de la crème in the Austin/San Antonio area. What followed was an unprecedented, explosive pattern of growth.
Over the past 10 years, the D1 Ambassadors have produced close to 120 Division one players amongst their alumni. This is more than any other program in the United States during that period.  The D1 Ambassadors have become a National powerhouse, and Coach Ivany is among the most influential recruiting gurus in the United States.  His D1 Nation Prep Reports are followed daily on a WORLDWIDE basis.
The D1 Ambassadors now have teams in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon & Mississippi with continued growth on the horizon.
Founder:  Max Ivany   BSc.  (Houston) MBA (Texas)
Responsible for the logistics of managing a club with over 200 college level prospects ranging in age from 12-18, Coach Ivany has personally accumulated over 500 wins on the highest level of the “circuit” while the club as a whole has in excess of 1000.  He is known in national recruiting circles as  The Kingmaker“.  As one prominent Division One Coach said, “When Max annoints a guy as being able to play at a certain level we book our airline tickets to see the kid play”. 
Due to the growth of the D1 Nation, Coach Ivany now restricts himself to coaching a couple of tournaments per season while administrating the D1 Nation and handling the recruitment and placement of  the athletes.  He continues to foster relationships that bear fruit for the players with the NCAA, his many personal friends who coach at the Division One level and he also works closely with several NBA teams.
Max has two sons: Mark & Chip, and two grandchildren: Noah & Julian.  He resides in Austin, TX and Phoenix, AZ with his wife, Yolanda.

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