Round Rock McNeil Knock Off Aussies

Round Rock McNeil 61   Australia School of Sport  51
2014 G Trey Dilworth brought his “A” game to a matchup with a touring Australian HS team and left a lasting impression.  The Texas D1 Ambassadors/McNeil Mavs G scored 17 points and put his athleticism on display for the visitors to view. 

College Station A&M Consolidated 49   Round Rock Stony Point  35
Consolidated is beginning to gel now that they have their football players back.  They lost the Championship game of the Mansfield Summit Toutnament last week as 2012 Alex Caruso (Texas A&M) and 2013 P Jimmie Gilbert made All Tourny.  Last night Caruso had 20 and Gilbert 15 in the win.

Killeen Shoemaker 75   Round Rock 68
2012 F Chris Runnels led Shoemaker with 28 points while ever improving 2013 P 6’10” Leonard Allen had 17 in the loss for the Dragons. (Leonard is shown belelow as an incoming FRESHMAN at Max Ivany’s All American Prodigy Camp)  To his left is former Purdue and 12 year overseas pro 6’9″ Jeff Arnold.


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