D1 Nation: 1000 Stories

Today is a special day for me. Almost 3 years ago I threw my hands up in the air with disgust at the negative things being written about kids on another basketball site. Rather than complain, I began writing on www.d1nation.com We’ve now added reports covering Houston, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon and New Mexico. However, the roots were right here in Austin/San Antonio , Texas which is home to me. I didn’t know if anyone would bother reading what I had to say but this past month we had almost 50,000 hits on our site in October alone. This is my 1000th story, along with several hundred more while covering the other geographic areas. THIS IS A FREE SITE. THERE IS NO SO CALLED “PREMIUM” SECTION YOU HAVE TO SUBSCRIBE TO.
The years of hard work have allowed me to have a lot of influence at the college level. My opinion as to what level a player is capable of performing at is valued nationally. I take my responsibility to be able to provide opportunity to deserving players very seriously and pledge to keep working hard for the quality player who is also a quality student and good person. -Coach Max Ivany
I spend approximately 2 hours daily actually compiling, researching and writing (I’m no writer). As far as in the gym goes, the hours are countless. Counting tournament games and summer basketball I would think I easily see 350-400 games annually. It’s become a big part of my life that makes me feel I am doing something positive and productive in the community. I have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, we have some great expansion plans on the table. I hope you enjoy reading these reports as much as I do in providing them.
Max Ivany

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