D1 Nation Weekend NCAA Alumni Updates

John Henson     Junior    F 6’10”        Round Rock (TX) Tampa Sickles (FL)   North Carolina
Henson is not taking a backseat to anyone on the talented Tar Heels roster thus far as he had 18 points, 14 rebounds and 3 assists in the blowout win over Mississippi Valley State.

Andre Roberson Sophomore F 6’7″  Converse Wagner (TX)                            Colorado
Roberson was in foul trouble all night and only manage 3 points, but added 6 boards in the 81-76 win over Central Michigan.

Cameron Moore  Senior   F 6’10”     San Antonio Roosevelt  (TX)             Alabama-Birmingham
Moore had an outstanding game with 15 points, 11 rebounds and 7 blocks.

Seth Gearhart     Freshman F 6’7″   Wilsonville (OR)                                        Rice
Gearhart had 3 points and 3 rebounds in the win.

Travis Jones        Senior  G 6’6″        Georgetown (TX)                                     Texas State
Jones had 9 points and 4 rebounds in a loss against South Carolina Upstate.

Paul Garnica       Sophomore G 6’0″  San Antonio Lee (TX)                         Northern Colorado
It’s Garnica’s team now at Northern Colorado as he logged 36 minutes, 22 points, 3 assists and 2 steals as he found his old Texas D1 Ambassadors team mate Deon Mitchell of Northern Iowa guarding him for a good portion of the game.

Deon Mitchell      Freshman   G 6’0″  Pflugerville (TX)                                  Northern Iowa
A slight edge goes to Garnica in tonight’s game but Mitchell’s squad won the contest.  Deon had 12 points, 3 assists and 3 rebounds.  A nice stat line for a freshman!

Below: Mitchell goes up for the jumper while Garnica goes for the block.

After the game Garnica called me and after we spoke he asked for Deon’s cell number so they could rap and he could give Deon some feedback.  That’s the Paul Garnica most people do not know.  He’s a great team mate and a great person wanting to help Mitchell after the game. That’s why I love these kids!

Osas Ebomwonti  RS_Sophomore  P 6’9″   Pflugerville (TX)                          Lamar
Ebomwonyi is having a great season as he notched 4 points, 8 rebounds and 6 blocks in the win over North Carolina-Charlotte.

Tre Nichols           Senior                  G 5’11”  Killeen (TX)                               Boise State
Nichols had 5 points and 3 assists as Boise State cruised to victory.

Cody Doolin         Sophomore          G  6’2″   Austin Westlake                         San Francisco
Doolin had 9 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists in the win over Seattle U.

Star Power:  From left in AAU days, Paul Garnica (Northern Colorado), background Jordan Clarkson (Tulsa) and right Cody Doolin (San Francisco).  Did you know…on the same Texas D1 Ambassadors team we have FOUR current D1 point guards.  Garnica, Doolin, Mitchell, Tre Demps (Northwestern).  I point this out because many parents are cautious about having other strong players at their son;’s position.  Yes, it works and all can prosper the D1 Nation Way!

Jaleel Williams    Freshman            W 6’6″   Killeen Ellison                             San Jose State
Jaleel had 8 points and 2 rebounds in the loss to Santa Clara.

Jason Brickman   Sophomore         G 5’11”  San Antonio Clark                     Long Island
Brickman had 10 points and 5 assists in the win over Vermont


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