D1 Nation I-35 Austin-San Antonio Challenge MEDIA

The Inaugural D1 Nation I-35 Austin-San Antonio Challenge will offer plenty of exposure and recognition opportunities.  Coach Max Ivany’s D1 Nation is the only basketball media outlet covering the Austin-San Antonio area on a daily basis.  Covering hoops in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Oregon he has personally had a hand in the recruitment of over 100 Division One players through the D1 Ambassadors program and has coached countless other college players and NBA players in major camp settings nationally, including his series of All American Prodigy Camps held each spring and fall in Arizona, Oregon and Texas.  He has made the Austin/San Antonio area home for the last 12 years.
West Coast Hoops Report is published out of Las Vegas, Nevada by Mr. Paul Dean. They primarily cover the West Coast but are nationalizing their products and services.

 Area Codes Basketball is published out of Phoenix, Arizona by Chad Groth, former General Manager for the Harlem Globetrotters.

 ESPNU is one of the National leaders in the Prep Sports Scene.  Information on the most elite players in the I-35 Challenge will be forwarded to my media colleagues Dave Telep and Reggie Rankin of ESPNU by Coach Max Ivany for their consideration.

Let’s lace them up guys!  Video highlights of the games as well as the dunk contest will also be posted online on www.youtube.com and on www.d1nation.com in the event recaps.


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