All American Prodigy Camp Recaps- Class of 2014

The Class of 2014 has plenty of upside in the Austin/Killeen area.  it has size, speed, shooters and basketball savvy. 

Melvin Anthony       F  6’7″           Killeen
Melvin is young (15) and looks like he’ll top out somewhere in the 6’9″-6’10” neighborhood.  The next great big man out of the Killeen area following in the footsteps of Cory Jefferson (Baylor) and Ta’Shawn Thomas (Houston).  Melvin runs the floor well and is ultra long.  He’s like a puppy that doesn’t realize his potential or what he can do at the moment but as he goes along he’ll posterize many an opposing player.

Chase Carlton          G 5’11”         Austin Westlake
Carlton is one of those rare floor generals.  He knows how to make a team better, makes the nifty bounce pass and understands the entry game into the post.  Not afraid to shoot it from deep to keep you honest either.  Biggest asset is his desire to defend and just can’t stand to lose.

Garrett Gray            W 6’4″          Marble Falls
Gray is an athlete.  He’s also got a great body and nice hops.  He’s got a tendency to fall away from the basket but when he decides to go strong TO it, he’s really a handful.  Excellent rebounder and is tough.

Aubrie King              G 6’5″          Mumford
The Mumford Musket keeps growing.  What happens if he becomes a 6’7″ shooter?  BIG things!  Either way, the excellent student (4.7 GPA) is a hooper who likes to mix it up and has that sweet stroke in the midrange and on the perimeter.

Brian Long                G 6’3″          Killeen
I love this kid!  He never says a word, just goes about his business.  And man, does he ever go about it.  A quick leaper with great lift, he’s more of a slashing guard at the moment.  A tenacious rebounder with the ability to rise and shoot over bigger defenders.  Sky’s the limit.

Zane Romero            G 6’2″          Pflugerville
Romero is skilled, although needs to be more agressive and take advantage of his size.  There is a logjam of guards at Pflugerville but expect Zane to be a big contributor there before it’s all said and done.

Luke Rowan              G 6’1″          Austin Westlake
After a half hour I had to hang the moniker on him of  “Long Rang Luke”.  Can shoot it from anywhere on the floor and will have a great career at Austin Westlake as he follows his brother R.J.’s (2012) footsteps for the Chaps.


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