Austin All American Prodigy Camp-NIT Wrap Up

Thanks to the approximately 60 families that had their children in attendance at the All American Prodigy Camp in Liberty Hill, TX this past Sunday.  Before I get into the recaps we’ve got several pieces of news.

This morning I spoke with a high end source in the Texas A&M Aggies program regarding new Head Coach Billy Kennedy taking a leave of absence from the program.  I was assured that all will be well and that Coach will return soon.  I’ve only known Coach Kennedy for 6 months but he’s one of the classier, low key gentlemen in the business.  A real, legitimate Christian man.  It’s not my place to talk about the specifics of his health but only to say our prayers are with him in the basketball community and from the D1 Ambassadors Family-Coach Max Ivany

The jury is still out on what the NCAA will do to the Live Recruiting Period for men in the 2012 calendar year.  They were supposed to vote on some proposed changes in ealry November but a source there tells me it will be January before a decision is made.  The current system is a joke.  There are two stretches of 9 days in duration during July for D1 coaches to view kids.  By the last few days of each stretch kids have played as many as 20 games in 9 days, 40 in July.  Their bodies are broke down and fatigue/injuries are common place.

The likely solution is to take some of July away.  Have 3 separate pods of 4 days a piece, approcimately a week apart in July.   Then take some of the leftover days and give the players who are unsigned seniors a chance to be evaluated over two different weekends in April.  This also gives the approximately 40 new staffs who are changing jobs in March/April a chance to see prospects who may be a fit at their new institutions.  Maybe this will cut down on the exorbitant number of transfers that are occurring.
Players came from as far away as Edinburg, Midland, Lubbock, Bryan, San Antonio and of course the Austin area for Max Ivany’s All American Prodigy Camp held in Liberty Hill, TX

There are a handful of younger players and young ladies at camp, and The Patterson Clan from Edinburg, TX were the Class of the Class.  Karley Patterson won the NIT Division’s Hot Shot Shooting Contest and then paired with her sister, Kelsey Patterson to win the Two On Two title.. Meanwhile 2017 Jon Patterson graded out best overall amongst the NIT particpants.  The Pattersons are Home Schooled, part of the Rio Grande Valley’s 100 plus family’s in the Rio Grande Valley’s vibrant home school association.  The Pattersons were cookie cutter players. They all played hard, unselfishly, were fundamental and shot the ball well.

All skill levels went through the morning session together, doing skill work at various stations under the guidance of Coach D’ Hudson of Hill Junior College, Tremaine Wingfield ( former Louisville/Texas and 15 year pro) and a host of other excellent coaches.  In the afternoon players were divided up by skill level into NIT, NCAA and NBA Divisions and it was on from there!

Kelsey Patterson
Karley Patterson

  Colby Patterson
NCAA Evaluations Are Up Next-Stay Tuned!

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