Texas Super Showcase Schedule-Austin, TX SUNDAY, Oct 2nd


This Sunday, October 2nd will be Max Ivany’s Texas Super Showcase-Austin. This is a high school team event that will be held on the beautiful campus of Concordia University in Austin, TX. The schedule is posted below.  The majority of the Cen Tex’s top talent and teams will be on display.  http://www.d1nation.com/  will be on hand to evaluate players and preview each high school team for the coming season.

Each team will play 2 games. The cost is $150.  A great value not only for games, but exposure opportunities.  There will also be a recruiting seminar which will be open to the public, with special guest speakers including college coaches.

Super Showcase Team Schedule   SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2ND, 2011  @ Concordia University

11400 Concordia University Drive Austin, TX 78726   (Mapquest Link Below)

TIME               COURT #1                                        COURT #2
9AM                 Liberty Hill v Cedar Park               
10:10               Austin Bowie v Pflugerville              Round Rock Stony Point v Harker Heights 
11:20               Killeen Ellison v Liberty Hill            Killeen v Lake Travis
12:30               Elgin v Killeen Shoemaker               San Antonio Warren v Round Rock Stony Point
1:40-2:30                                        RECRUITING SEMINAR
                        Scheduled Speakers:   Max Ivany              National Recruiting Analyst
                                                              Stan Bonewitz        Concordia University  (D-3)
                                                              Brandon Rosenthal St. Edward’s (D-2)
                                                              Chris Ogden            Texas  (D-1)

2:30-3:35        Temple v Austin Bowie                    Austin Westlake v Elgin
3:40                 Cedar Park v Killeen                       Lake Travis v Killeen Ellison
4:50                 Harker Heights v Warren               Pflugerville v Temple
6PM                Killeen Shoemaker v Westlake


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