All American Prodigy Camp: Mr Hustle

One of my favorite acknowledgements to hand out after camp is the “Mr. Hustle” designation.  My own son would win this award several times at camps over the years as a youngster. I always believe it’s a great barometer of where a player is headed as the fomula of “work in, and results out” is a pretty reliable indicator of a player’s capacity and desire to work hard and to be able to continue to improve.

Class of 2017: Patch Nelson         Mountainside MS

From the time of his arrival, (at 7AM!) to the time he left the gym, this youngster never stopped.  He competed hard in drills and competitions.

Class of 2016: David Cummard    Taylor MS

Cummard was all business and showed a maturity you don’t expect from an 8th grader.  He never skipped a beat.

Class of 2015: Parker Dippel        Scottsdale Desert Mountain
Dippel is a machine.  Does whatever is asked of him in double time and with zeal.

Class of 2015 Sumeet Khara         Gilbert Highland
Khara was the co-Mr. Hustle for the Class of 2015. Once again, he was all business. His mouth was closed and ears were open to instruction. Then he went out and busted his tail.

Class of 2014: Will Goff                Desert Mountain
Goff went conscientiously about every drill with a blue collar, no fanfare fundamental approach.

Class of 2013: Jordan Thomas      Mesa
Thomas was tough, inside and out.  Played with a chip on his shoulder, backing down from nobody.

Class of 2012: Isaac Vogan           Avondale Agua Fria
Vogan played like he had something to prove. (And as an unsigned senior, he does.)  Easily the most physical player in camp, playing every play like it was his last.

These are the kind ofplayers who will continue to improve and have success.  Not only on the basketball court, but in life.  There is no substitute for hard work and these kids brought it in droves.  I could take these 7 guys and go to the park and they’d win game after game. They are my “All Sweaty Team”….What’s that smell, it’s the smell of victory!

Austin, TX All American Prodigy Camp at Concordia University, Saturday October 1st, 2011.  Register now!


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