Any time my friend Dinos Trigonis puts on an event I support it.  Our last collaboration together was our D1 Nation/Full Court Press College Coaches Mixer at the NCAA Final Four in Houston this past spring. I arrived in Phoenix on Friday from Palm Springs, CA and one of my first stops was to Trigoins’ Pangos Lead Guard Camp. About 60 Phoenix youngsters were competing for camp honors, but one player interested me in particular.

2013 PG Johnny Azzinaro has had quite an odyssey the last year plus.  Most ballers travel coast to coast looking for their exposure in summer basketball camps and tournaments but The Azzinaro Family has literally moved across country.  Mrs. Azzinaro, an executive with a health services company has seen her job take her from the Jersey Shore, to San Antonio, TX and now to Phoenix, AZ.

You can be sure that San Antonio Brennan Coach Tommy Hines is hopeful that his talented PG shows up back in Texas in time for school to start next week.  Azzinaro has put on muscle, and seeks out physical contact more than he did last season.  He knows how to run a team and can also shoot it from the perimeter to keep the defense honest. What I like most about Azzinaro’s game is his ability to get to the lane and his understanding of how to attack a defense in the midrange area.  He was on Oregon State’s campus last week for an unofficial and I have it on good report that he did not look out of place with some OSU’s current players.-Coach Max Ivany


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