D1 Nation Kicks It Off In Dallas

DJH5  52   Texas D1 Ambassadors-Austin 48
First blood has been drawn at The Jump Off Event in Dallas, TX. The Austin edition of the D1 Ambassadors dropped their first two games in close contests to two Dallas opponents.  In the opener, a 7 point half time lead dwindled.  Turnovers hurt down the stretch as about 30 Division One coaches watched the various prospects. 2011 Brooks Pawsat of Austin Hyde Park led the way with 11 points.
2013 PG T.J. Williams was the best player on the court for Texas D1 despite being only a soph.
Dallas Trojans 59  Texas D1 Ambassadors-Austin 51
2012 Allex Austin a 6’7″ W from San Marcos led the way with 14 points for Texas D1 in the loss.  The picture below illustrates his length as the Nation’ #1 high jumper with a 7’2″ jump to his credit this year shows why college coaches are salivating over him.

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