Player Spotlight: 2012 PG Joshua Hagins of Bosssier City Airine (LA)

The State of Louisiana is chock full of great athletes, many with the pedigrees of pros.  There are a couple of PG’s there with the complete package, including academics.  Down on the Bayou and throughout the country most everyone knows New Orleans St. Augustine’s Javan Felix who has made a national name for himself.  The “other guy” is ready for his coming out party this July.  He resides upstate, his name is Josh Hagins from Bossier City Airline.  He earned  5A All State honors this past season.

2012 G Josh Hagins of Bossier City Airline

Hagins is the latest player In our long tradition of great players from Louisiana who have suited up for the Texas D1 Ambassadors over the years. (Matt Derenbecker-LSU, Brian Williams-Oklahoma State, Trevante Drye-Tulane name a few). He’ll strap it on this July with the Texas D1 Ambassadors-Houston squad as they travel fom coast to coast putting their talents on display for hundreds of Division 1 coaches.

For Hagins it all starts on defense where he’s an outstanding on ball defender.  On offense when the ball is in his hands he’s able to do what all great PG’s do…get in the lane where he draws defenders and hits the open man.  He is tough to stay in front of but if you sag off him he’s more than capable of hitting an assortment of midrange shots or he’s also a threat to let fly his pretty rainbow three pointer.  He’ll compete alog with his D1 mates at the following live recruiting events.

July 7-8     Atlantic Slam                          Myrtle Beach, SC
July 9-12   GASO Duncanville                 Duncanville, TX
July 13-15 Best Buy Summer Classic    Minneapolis, MN
July 22-25 Las Vegas Fab 48                  Las Vegas, NV
July 27-28 Desert Duel                             Phoenix, AZ

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