D1 Nation Going Viral: Oregon/Washington

It’s been a wonderful journey over the last 11 seasons.  The D1 Nation originally was nothing more than one team of players in Austin, TX chasing their summer basketball dreams being led (as best we knew how at the time) by Coach Max Ivany and Mark Beasley.  Time flies by and now both of our son’s have not only lived their college basketball dreams, but they’ve graduated with their bachelor’s degree.  My son, Chip from South Alabama/Texas-San Antonio and Mark’s son, Bryan from Rice.

I never could quite rid myself of the basketball bug, and now along with Chip Ivany the D1 Nation has grown into so much more. In addition to having scores of players that we assist on the summer circuit, we have honed our system to enhance most any player’s chances of living out their basketball dreams regardless of where they live, North America wide.

We’d like to welcome our newest friends as part of the program.  A couple of years ago I met and ended up brainstorming with a high school coach from Oregon, Coach Cameron Turner.  Like us, he had a different vision for club basketball. He offered an alternative to much of the club basketball scene. It was one where he gave players a wholesome surrounding to develop and be showcased.  We’ve become friends and have a lot of respect for each other so it was only natural that we’d come together in a positive way for the youth of Oregon and Washington.

His club, Williamette Regin is chock full of quality players (and even more importantly quality people). They have now officially become the Oregon D1 Ambassadors. In addition to Coach Turner’s discipline and coaching skills these kids now have the full benefit of all the relationships built by the D1 Nation.  You’ll soon be reading a stand alone, Oregon D1 Nation Oregon Prep Report as well as seeing his always tough and potent teams out on the circuit, flying the D1 Flag.  Welcome Oregon!

Beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon with Mt. Hood in the background

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