Pangos All American Camp Wrap Up

Day Three at Pangos saw all 4 of our Texas D1 Ambassadors players continue to build their reputations in their final (4th game) of the camp which was played Sunday morning.

2012 Chase Brogna of Houston St. Thomas saw his confidence grow from session to session as he finished with 13 points. His smooth jumper began to fall which makes him tough.  Ask Prestonwood Academy as his 25 points in St. Thomas’ TAPPS 5A State Championship win would attest.  He can flick it.  A 3.2 GPA coupled with a 1720 SAT makes Brogna a guy to target in conferences such as the Patriot, Northeast, Atlantic Sun and any other academically stringent school looking for a guard.

2012 P 6’9″ Connor Lammert ended up with 6 points in his final session.  In a camp where guards chuck it up like it’s a hot potato, the workmanlike 16 year old kept plugging away without complaint.  Put Lammert in the high end academic spectrum as well.

2012 Uche Ofoegbu showed his athleticism all camp long. He had 12 points on the final day and showed wasn’t shy about banging heads with other high major guys.  The common theme here is that Ofoegbu is also an excellent student. His two older brothers (Ike and John Ofoegbu) are pros, so don’t be surprised if you see a late growth spurt out of him where he ends up at 6’7″ plus and moves to a whole new level.

2012 Alex Caruso of College Station A&M Conslidated did his thing from start to finish.  He is now on his way to the NBA Players Association Camp in Charlottesville, VA in a week having earned an invite with his all around play.  Caruso can play the 1, 2, or 3 but is at his best with the ball in his hands.  I respectfully disagree with my friend/colleague Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop Online that Alex is not a “point”.  Don’t be surprised if Caruso tops out at 6’7″ as he has just turned 17.  He was selected to the Top 25 Cream of the Crop Game, but had to leave after two trips on the floor so we could catch our flight back to Houston.
Once again, Dinos Trigonis gets it done.  He had an incredible array of talent at camp this year as per usual.  There is no question that Andre Drummond from Connecticut, Shabazz Muhammad (LasVegas, NV and Anthony Bennett (Toronto, Canada) were the studs of the camp.  Throw in Cameron Ridley (Houston, TX) and Isaiah Austin (Dallas, TX) and you’ve got a who’s who of the 2012 Top 10 Nationally.


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