Pangos All American Camp-Day 2

Texas D1 Ambassadors @ Pangos Camp
2012 G 6’5″ Uche Ofoegbu of San Antonio Stevens continued his aggressive play.  He scored 12 in one game and 17 in the next including an impressive windmill dunk that had the crowd buzzing.

2012 G 6’0″ Chase Brogna of Houston St. Thomas had 4 points in the first game, and upped it to 9 in the second game as he got touches his shot began to fall.  It included a nifty crossover dribble to the left, where he finished at the rim with some slick English to finish over the shotblocker.

2012 P 6’9″ Connor Lammert of San Antonio Churchill was frustrated by a lack of offensive touches but that didn’y keep him from hustling, defending and rebounding all camp long.  He had 4 in the first game and 6 in the second including an impressive flush.

2012 G 6’6″ Alex Caruso was his usual self.  he didn’t score a lot, but he scored enough.  He accumulated rebounds, and dropped several sweet dimes.  His second impressive tip dunk of the camp was icing on the cake.  After the second game ESPNU’s Dave Telep informed us that Alex was invited to the prestigious NBA Players Camp in Charlottesville, VA from June 15-19th.  Expect the high major offers to start flowing for Caruso.
Here’s what Fox Sports Evan Daniels had to say today:

CARSON, Calif. — Aaron Gordon and Shabazz Muhammad showed off their high level motors today, while Texas native Alex Caruso made his presence felt on day two of the Pangos All-American Camp.

Winston Shepard, PF/SF – Much like Muhammad, Shepard, a 6-foot-7 combo forward, plays with a strong motor and a lot of energy. During the nightcap, Shepard channeled his energy to pushing the break, rebounding and attacking the basket. He seemed to live at the free throw line and is certainly capable of finishing through contact when he goes to the basket.  (Props to Houston native Winston Sheppard, the former Texas D1 Ambassador who now attends Findlay Prep in Las Vegas, NV).

Alex Caruso, SF – It’s always nice to see a guy breakout and that’s exactly what Caruso did. Earlier in the spring he received some attention and he certainly built on that at Pangos. With a number of scouts looking on during an afternoon game, Caruso made a handful of terrific basketball plays, including a one handed no-look touch pass for a bucket, a sweet dunk in traffic and a floater in the lane. It’s clear he knows the game and he has the ability to score from all three levels.
Texas’ two marquee big men, Isaiah Austin (Baylor) and Cameron Ridley (Texas) tangled with Connecticut big man Andre Drummond in separate games.  Drummond is clearly the most ready at the moment with his combination of athleticism and his physicality and likely will be the NBA’s #1 draft pick if the choice was made today.  Austin is more skilled but has to catch up body wise.  Ridley is not as athletic.  However, I felt Ridley was the hardest worker and under the tutelage of Keith White, with his work ethic who knows what Cameron’s ceiling will be.


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