D1Nation Live-Houston…… Results & Sweet 16 Top Prospects

Champions were crowned in 6 divisions of the D1 Nation Live-Houston event this past weekend. 
Girls Junior “WNBA”                 Lady Phenom
Girls “WNBA”                             Go Hard

Boys 13U                                      Sheldon Panthers

Boys 14U                                      Sheldon Panthers
Boys Junior Varsity                     Beaumont Hoop Stars
Boys Varsity                                Mississippi D1 Ambassadors

2012 Akilah Johnson            Fort Bend Hightower   (TX)                       Just Us
Johnson, an undersized post went hard all weekend long, averaging a double double. Great motor, she now has to concentrate on face up skills for next level play.  Older sister is a G at Sam Houston State, so she’s one to watch as she develops.

2011 Mykia Jackson            Baytown Sterling          (TX)                       Boom City Hornets
Jackson was clearly the best PG in the gym this past weekend on the ladies side. Never in a hurry, but always on time in running the offense, getting her team mates a shot or choosing her spots to get her own points really caught my eye.  An unsigned senior with quality grades, someone needs to scoop her up at the JuCo or D-3 level.  She also defends well and gets more than her share of steals.

2016 Derrick Alston             Fort Bend                      (TX)                                 Houston Defenders
This razor thin, but skilled youngster can shoot the three, get to the basket and generally makes the right basketball plays.  Pops played in The League with the 76ers so Alston has good genes.  Could end up being 6’8″-6’10” before it’s all said and done.

2016 Colbie Barnes              Fort Bend                      (TX)                          Houston Defenders
Barnes is a nice looking prospect.  At 6’3″ and with a long, solid body he controlled the boards.  More than that though, he has a nice feel for the game and is in the right place at the right time.

2012 Ryshinique Ball           Clear Springs                (TX)                             Diva Storm
Ball, at 5’7″ is a lanky prospect who has a knack for rebounding the ball, a nice face up game & the ability to alter shots. She had a game high 19 in one contest.

2013 Donte’ Butler               Dexter                          (MS)                     Mississippi D1 Ambassadors
Butler was one of two super sophs in my Sweet 16.  He handles the ball well, gets to the rim and finishes once he gets there. 

2012 Albert Driver               Baytown Sterling          (TX)                      Gulf Coast Phenoms
Driver, at almost 6’4″ has the body to be a college guard.  He has a nice skill set and playes above the rim.

2012 Ashley Adams              South Houston             (TX)                                          W.A.R.
Adams was the key to her team’s success.  She shot the three ball, was extremely physical on the boards and defended hard on the perimeter.

2012 Domonique Criddle      Pearland Dawson        (TX)                                   Go Hard
Criddle was the regulator in the paint all weekend, as she led her Go Hard squad to the title.  She scored 20 in one game, and was almost scoreless in the championship contest but she affected the game in other ways.  Her rebounding and the way she altered shots made her an asset even when she wasn’t scoring down low.

2013 Darrion Martin            Houston Yates             (TX)                                 Houston Battle
Martin was a scoring machine, including having 20 in the title game loss.  He can get to the rim with the best of them.  Just what Houston Yates needs, another cat that can flat get after it!

2012 Jarvous Hickey           Houston Yates              (TX)                     Houston Battle
Hickey had 26 in the title game loss.  He has a smooth & deadly stroke, which he can hit while pulling up off the bounce.
2012 Bryant Magee              West Marion                (MS)                  Mississippi D1 Ambassadors
Hands down the most explosive player in the gym.  Magee got to the rim most anytime he wanted, showed he also had a jumper when necessary & had a handful of highlight reel dunks where he was WAY ABOVE the rim.  At 6’2″ Magee was also a tough defender and as good a shot blocker as I’ve seen.

2012 Avery Woodson          Wayne County              (MS)                   Mississippi D1 Ambassadors
It’s not hard to see how Wayne County won the Mississippi State 6A Championship game over powerhouse Jackson Lanier with a backcourt of Woodson & Alex Lacey (see below).  Woodson showed DEEP range, and a picturte perfect jumper off the catch and shoot or the bounce.  He was unconscious, and also got to the rim when he chose that route.  Easy to see why he was at Memphis last week on an unofficial visit.  He’s that caliber of player.

2013 Seth Moore                 Beaumont Ozen           (TX)                         Beaumont Hoop Stars
Moore was a scoring machine. He was a threat from any place on the floor; three point line, mid range or at the cup.

2012 Alex Lacey                  Wayne County             (MS)               Mississippi D1 Ambassadors
Lacey is a powerfully built guard who regularly got to the rim, took contact and finished in traffic for “And 1” buckets.  He showed deep range on his three as well and was a very physical defender.

2012 Darnell Theriot                   Houston St. Thomas                      All 4 Sports Dream Team
Theriot is a well built, physical guard who can score or look to get penetration then kick to get his team mates looks so they can finish.

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