Texas 4A & 5A Playoff Prediction Report Card (1st Round)

Region 1
13-16  Missing on the Killeen High game was a killer.
10-16  Pflugerville Hendrickson blowing a 9 point 4th quarter lead was a shocker.
Region 3
10-16  Never saw it coming with Wheatley & Brenham getting bounced.
Region 4
13-16  I bet against Austin LBJ.  What was I thinking?

46-64    71%

Region 1
Region 2
10-16  I thought the Akins guards would get the job done.  I bet against a lock in Desoto…duh
Region 3
5-16  Strake Jesuit, Fort Bend Bush, Cy Falls???  What a bracket buster.  I’m hiding my head.
Region 4
13-16 Big win for Mac over Judson in OT, and Highlands bouncing Warren

40-64   62%   

A combined 67%. Way off last year’s predictions.  I’d better step it up in the 2nd Round!


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