All American Prodigy Camp: Houston Award Winners

Over the last three plus years we’ve had some great players from the City of Houston come and attend my All American Prodigy Camp which has historically been held in Austin.  This past weekend we took the camp on the road to Houston St. Thomas High School.  Under the direction of myself (Max Ivany) & Camp Directors Richard Law & Orin Bailey both of whom coach at St. Thomas we had a total of 45 players in attendance.  I likely planned it a couple of weeks earlier than the desired dates but there was no denying the talent that showed up in the gym.  We had 12 players who were 6’5″ or better.

One of the reasons the All American Prodigy Camp is so popular is that I don’t evaluate off past reputations.  Lots of “name” guys get mad at me because I don’t give a free pass and of course lots of new talent get their due if they earn it.  I promote players based on merit.  You earn it, you receive the accolades.  Plain & simple! (Camp photo was taken late in the day, so several players are missing in action)

 Because of conflicts in schedules, some players could not stay for the entire session, thus they were not eligible for award consideration.  These included 2012 G 6’0″ Chase Brogna a lights out shooter from Houston St, Thomas, 2013 F 6’7″ Kalvin Singletary of Van Vleck who is a bruiser & banger down low & 2013 P 6’11” Anthony Young from Van Vleck, TX who will quickly go from anonymity to a huge amount of publicity as he heads out on the circuit this spring with the Texas D1 Ambassadors group out of Houston.

However, without further ado, let’s spotlight the guys who got it done at the camp!

Four On Four Tournament Champions (Middle School)
2015 Grayson Sheena, 2015 Xavier Williams, 2015 Stephen Skeeter, 2015 Demarius Cress

Four On Four Tournament Champions (High School)
2012 Lawrence Thibeaux, 2012 Jarvis Hickey, 2011 Dominique McKinney, 2012 Alex Caruso, & 2014 Jamie Keating

Hot Shot Shooting Co-Champions
2012 G 6’0″ Luke Savoy & 2015 W 6’1″ John Coakley

Middle School Top Prospects
2015 P 6’5″ J.J. Jones & 2015 PG 5’6″ Demarius Cress

Class of 2014 Top Prospects
6’5″ P Brandon (B.J.) Jones, 6’3″ WG Jamie Keating & 5’8″ PG Joshua Reese

Class of 2013 Top Prospects
6’8″ F Johnathan Motley, 6’5″ W Brandon Blackwell,  & 6’8″ F 6’8″ Kendrick Morris

Class of 2012 Top Prospects
6’4″ SG Devon Turk & 6’5″ Combo G Alex Caruso

Class of 2011 Top Prospects
6’5″ F Chris Brown & 6’6″ F Dominique McKinney

Tomorrow we’ll begin to give rundowns on each player-Coach Max Ivany


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