2011 G 5’8 Rebekah Knudson offered by Grand Canyon University

Contributing Editor:
Joseph Dean
Texas D-1 Ambassador Rebekah Knudson of New Braunfels has been offered to play at Grand Canyon University.
2011 G 5’8 Rebekah Knudson
New Braunfels High School
Club Team: Texas D-1 Ambassadors
Rebekah could be headed to play in the Pacific West Conference for the NCAA 2011-2012 season.Grand Canyon University is located in Phoenix Arizona and ranks 6th in the Pacific West Conference. The Lopes are having a spectacular season and ranks 12th in the country in division 2 basketball. Head Coach Trent May is one of the best in the business and looks forward to having Knudson on campus for an official visit in the coming weeks.

Parents Chuck & Azeneth Knudson have been great supporters of the D-1 program & coaching staff. We would like to say thanks for giving us the opportunity to work with your daughter.

Grand Canyon plays a very aggressive schedule with travel to California, Utah, Arizona, and a cool  trip to Hawaii every year. Grand Canyon has also built a 5,000 seats arena that will open just in time for the 2011-2012 season. GCU arena will host Lady Lopes Basketball games and other sporting events. I want to say great job to Rebekah and her family. We all here at D-1 wish you the very best as you continue your dreams at the next level.

Grand Canyon University Arena

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