Pflugerville Hendrickson Takes 3rd in Mc Donalds All American Invitational

Contributing Editor:
Joseph Dean
Hendrickson 47  Bryan 38
Hendrickson traveled to Bryan this past week to compete in the Mc Donald’s All American Invitational. Hendrickson is 14-11 on the season and went 4-1 in the tournament.
Plugerville Hendrickson Lady Hawks
Hendrickson was lead by 2011 W 5’11 Kathryn Tolbert. Tolbert can burn you in so many ways. With her size and ability to handle the ball she can make it a long night for anyone defending her. A couple of weeks ago she was a nightmare for Elgin. Kathryn dropped 27 points and grabbed 19 rebounds and Elgin had no answer for her. Tolbert has excellent range on her shot with the

ability to take you off the bounce.
Kathryn is an unsigned senior with loads of next level potential. Her academics is in check and she would definitely be an asset at the next level.

(L) Running the point for Hendrickson (R) Pictured with D-1 Ambassadors

Kathryn Playing Above The Rim

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