Happy New Year From The D1 Nation

I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2011.  The economy is tough and a lot of folks are hurting.  I know that I personally have less “stuff” than I can remember in the last ten years.  But perhaps it’s because I’m getting older/wiser I’m not sure but I’m more grateful than ever for the friendships I have and the health of my family.  I became a grandfather (twice this year) and I want a better world for the next generation of children.
You’ll have my pledge that in the insignificant world of basketball I will continue to do everything within my sphere of influence to continue to help players and their families here in the State of Texas and beyond both through my recruiting web site and in the conduct of the D1 Ambassadors organization as it relates to their education/basketball goals.
Happy New Year from my grandson, Julian Ivany-3 months.  I’m pretty sure he’ll continue to invigorate me and to look forward to the next generation of D1 Ambassadors players.

I know this is a basketball site, but I would be remiss at this time if I did not acknowledge Jesus Christ as my Saviour.  In the 24 years since I’ve accepted him into my life he’s given me plenty to handle but never TOO MUCH.  I’ve been blessed with wonderful children, success and thankfully, renewed good health. I am not the greatest witness as I’ve got more than my share of flaws but He called me to this basketball ministry and I’ve embraced it with a passion for 11 years.  I hope I can continue to make a difference in the lives of young people for a long time to come. Happy New Year-Coach Max Ivany


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