Brazosport Tournament Dec. 28-30

                                                       Brazosport Tournament Dec. 28-30

Dec. 28@ BrazosWood HS
Gym 1                                                   Gym 2
9:00am                                                  9:00am
Braozwood vs Kinkaid                         Dawson Hs vs Sweeny
10:30am                                                10:30am
Hstn Lee vs Seguin (girls)                    Hstn Jones vs Waller Hs
12pm                                                     12pm
G-Ball vs Calhoun (girls)
1:30pm                                                  1:30pm
Cy Ranch vs Brazoswood                     Bay City vs Brenham (girls)
3pm                                                       3pm
El Campo vs Brazoswood(girls)           Waller vs Dawson
4:30pm                                                   4:30pm
Sweeney vs Hstn Jones                          Bay City vs West Columbia (girls)
6pm                                                         6pm
Brenham vs McAllen(girls)                    Pasadena vs Seguin(girls)
Brazoswood vs G-Ball (girls)

Site 2 Brazosport HS
Gym 1                                                        Gym 2
10:30am                                                     10:30am
Stafford vs Bay City                                  Clear Spring vs St. Thomas HS
12pm                                                          12pm
Needville vs Pasadena(girls)
1:30pm                                                        1:30pm
W. Columbia vs Brazosport                        Pasadena vs Brazosport (girls)
3pm                                                             3pm
McAllen vs W. Columbia(girls)                 Bay City vs Clear Springs
4:30pm                                                        4:30pm
Hstn Lee vs Needville (girls)                      St. Thomas HS vs Stafford
6pm                                                              6pm
Brazosport vs Sante Fe                                Calhoun vs El Campo(girls)
Needville vs Brazosport(girls)


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