Diamonds In The Rough

Contributing Editor:
Joseph Dean
I wanted to take a break from the high school girls to report on some of the younger talent in the area.
This week Bailey Middle School’s 7th & 8th grade will compete in the semi finals to see who will advance into the city championship games. Murhison Middle School’s 8th grade team will also compete for a spot in the championship game.
2016 W 5’10 7th grader Kianna Ray of Bailey has helped her team to an undefeated season. Kianna is averaging 18 per game and other schools seem to have no answer for her. Kianna has great ball handling, passing, and shooting skills. Look for Kianna to be a nice prospect in the class of 2016
2015 G 5’6 8th grader Desiree Lampkin of Bailey will lead her team into the semi finals this week. Desiree is truly becoming a excellent player. She has great range on her shot and doesn’t mind taking you to the basket. Desiree will be a next level player ion the class of 2015.
(L) Kianna Ray pictured at the Texas Basketball Camp (R) Desiree Lampkin
2015 W 5’8 Kennedy Harris of Murchison has great athleticism. Kennedy is a very active player with a great skill set. Kennedy can beat you from up top or take you down in the post. She has improved her perimeter game and defenitely will be a next level player.
2015 G 5’5 Japreece Dean of Dailey MS is a shooter deluxe. Japreece has superior ball handling skill with the ability to compete on the Varsity level. Japreece has averaged 26 per game this season for the Lady Timberwolves. Look for Japreece to be a high prospect in the class of 2015.
(L) Kennedy Harris  (R) Japreece Dean

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