Ralph Cooper 28th Annual Stars of The Future Tournament (MS Boys)

Stars of The Future Tournament @ Chavez HS (8501 Howard Dr Houston,TX 77017)
   One of  Houston longest traditions during the Thanksgiving Holidays to the basketball community has been the Ralph Cooper “Stars of the Future Tournament”. Before many kids became household names, many local players took part in this prestigious event. Many players showcased their respective skill level and gave those in attendance a quick glimpse of what would come in the future. The Ralph Cooper Tournament usually features various inner city schools, but not to change the tradition too much as of late the event has allowed several prominent private schools or outside school that have premiere up and coming talent to play in the event with the Houston inner city schools.
Sat. Nov. 27th

Gym 1                                                                                Gym 2
8:00am                                                                               8:00am
#3 Hartman MS vs Holland MS                                          #2 Missouri City MS vs Dowling MS
9:00am                                                                               9:00am
#7 West Briar MS vs E.O. Smith MS                                 MC Williams MS vs #5 Ryan MS
10:00am                                                                             10:00am
#6 Woodson MS vs Imani School                                       Welch MS vs Westbury Christian School
11:00am                                                                              11:00am
#1 Albert Thomas MS vs Johnston MS                                Fleming MS vs Cullen MS

12pm bracket play begins

6:00pm Consolation Game
7:00pm 3rd Place Game
8:00pm  Championship Game


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