ST. Thomas Classic Preview (Nov. 11-13)

                    St. Thomas Classic Preview 
The Annual St. Thomas Classic is back again and this year’s field is loaded with a star studded cast of players and teams. Several of the state’s premiere private schools will do battle under one roof at St. Thomas HS (4500 Memorial).  This will be a three day event, with games  kicking off on Thursday @ 11:00am and last game will tip off around 8pm.
Thursday November 11th
11:00 HCYA vs. Trent International
*Players to watch: HCYA- 6’7 Justin Jackson(2014), 6’9 Donrad Knowles(2012)
halftime score HCYA 54-Trent Int. 28
final score HCYA   91   – Trent Int.-61
Justin Jackson 6’7 (2014)
HCYA- Justin Jackson 30, Austin Schulze 18, Edward Chung 10
Trent Int-Willis Nickerson 26,  
Willis Nickerson

12:30 Village School vs. Second Baptist

Village HS: 6’8 Shaquille Cleare(2012), 5’9 Gary Williams(2012) 5’9 Trey Williams(2012)
Shaquille Cleare 6’8 (2012)
SBHS: 6’3 LJ Rose(2012), 6’9 Khadeem Lattin(2014), 6’8 Kendrick Morris(2013)6’7 Julien Pearson(2011)
halftime score VHS 31- SBHS 29
final score SBHS 63- VHS 51
SBHS-  Charles Allen 22pts,Julien Pearson 20pts,
VHS- Gary Smith 15PTS

2:00 Kinkaid vs. ST. Thomas HS
Kinkaid: 6’4 Jeff Roberson(2014)
ST Thomas 6’4 Christian Sanders(2012) 6’9 Jeremy King(2012) 6’0 Chase Brogna(2012) 6’5 Adam Drexler(2012)
halftime score STHS 34- Kinkaid 25
final score STHS  57- Kinkaid 45

Christian Sanders 6’3 (2012) guard

ST. Thomas Christian Sanders 23pts, Chase Brogna 15pts,
Kinkaid- Jeff Roberson 10pts, Robinson 9pts

3:30pm Trent International vs ST. Johns
St. Johns: 6’4 Justice Winslow(2014)
Halftime Score: Trent Int 34-ST. Johns 24
Final Score: Trent Int 61-ST. Johns 50
Trent Int-Willis Nickerson 26,  Bassawi 17
St. Johns- T Otley 15, K Haywood 12

5:00pm Second Baptist vs Episcopal
Second Baptist:6’4 LJ Rose(2012), 6’9 Khadeem Lattin(2014), 6’7 Julien Pearson(2011) 6’8 Kendrick Morris(2013)
Episcopal: 6’0 Ken Williams(2013) 6’11 Sirius Berwanger(2011)
final score Episcopal 62-  Second Baptist 50
Episcopal- Ken Willaims 27
2nd Baptist- Charles Allen 26

6:30pm Woodlands Christian vs Kinkaid
Kinkaid: 6’4 Jeff Roberson(2014)
halftime score-   Kinkaid 32- Woodlands Christian 26
final score Kinkaid 59- Woodlands Christians 46
Kinkaid- Wilkins 17 Mavin 16
Woodlands Christian- Bento 15pts

8:00pm SA Antonian vs CC John Paul

Darrious Hamilton 6’8(Boise State signee)

Jonathan Holmes 6’7 (UT signee)

SA Antonian:6’7 Johnathon Holmes(2011 ) 6’8Darius Hamilton( 2011)
halftime score- CC John Paul 47- SA Antonian 35
final score- SA Antonian 85 – CC John Paul 81

SA Antonian- Johnathon Holmes 26, Darrious Hamilton 16 ,, Bishop 13,
CC John Paul- D. Whittington 37, A Haywood 23,

D. Whittington scored 37 in a loss
A. Haywood scored 23 in a loss.

Today’s late game proved to be the best  game of the day, fans really got there money worth. SA Antonian the favorite played CC John Paul, however it seems as if someone forgot to inform Cc John Paul that they were the underdogs. CC John Paul came out the gate swinging and took a 12pt lead into halftime. In the 2nd half the teams exchanged buckets and several players on both teams ran into some foul trouble. SA Antonian kept fighting to keep the game close with there stars having to press on the break int terms of aggressiveness on the floor. In the end SA Antonian made a late rally and knocked down key baskets, and CC John Paul was unable to counter in the end.

Friday’s Schedule
Friday November 12th
10:00am Antonian vs Concordia Lutheran
Concordia Lutheran 72- SA Antonian 66
CL- Gatewood 24, Williams 21
SA- Jonathon Holmes 26
11:30am St. Johns vs HCYA
HCYA 86- St. Johns 59
HCYA-Justin Jackson 30, Donrad Knowles 20
St. Johns-n/a
1:00pm   Episcopal vs Village School
Village HS 59- Episcopal 51
Village HS- Gary Smith 21, Trey Williams 18pts, Shaquille Cleare 12
Episcopal HS- Ken Williams 18, Sirius Berwanger 13
2:30pm   STHS vs Woodlands
ST Thomas 78- Woodlands Christian 34
ST. Thomas- Adam Drexler 19,Christian Sanders 11, Doc Perrier 10
WC-Diaz 18, Bento 14
4:00pm   Concordia Lutheran 68 vs C.C. John Paul 64

5:30pm   Gold Semi-final…HCYA 85 vs Episcopal 70
HCYA- Justin Jackson 24
EHS- Ken Williams 32
7:00pm   Gold Semi-final…ST Thomas 66 vs Concordia Lutheran 40
STHS- Christian Sanders 23, Chase Brogna 10, Chris Voss 10

8:30pm   Bronze Semi-final..Woodlands Christian .vs CC John Paul II
Sat Schedule
9:00am Village HS vs St. Johns
10:30am Kinkaid vs SA Antonian
12pm Trent Int vs Second Baptist
1:30pm Bronze 1st place
3:00pm Silver 1st place
4:30pm  HCYA vs St. Thomas HS (championship)


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