D1 Nation Houston Coaches Corner: Marcus Elder

D1 Nation: Coaches Corner
What is your alma mater? Phillis Wheatley HS/ Texas Southern University
How long have you been coaching high school basketball? 5 years

Who inspired you to get into coaching? When I started coaching in college, I was coaching intramural basketball. I realized I was pretty good and fell in love with it .

What is your favorite food?  Creole/ Seafood
What teams this year will be your toughest games? Pretty Tough Overall Schedule: (Yates HS, Jones HS, Strake Jesuit, Christian Life
What is the most difficult task when coaching basketball? Paperwork, (lol) Lets just role the ball out and play.
Who is your favorite college coach? Coach K( Duke University)
What’s your definition of a good coach? A good coach is one who doesn’t panic when all hell is breaking loose on the court.  The crowd going crazy and its seems like there is no way to come back.  Keep composure , Get the kids back focused, and win the game.
What music do you listen to before a game? Whatever is in my head.
Who is the best player you have ever coached? Deshawn Garrett
What are some goals for this season? Get Wheatley HS Bball program, back the recognition we deserve. Win state title for Texas 4A Championship.

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