2013 W 5’7 Jonelle Smith Suits up with D-1 Ambassadors

Contributing Editor:
Joseph Dean
VP of Basketball Operations (Girl’s)
Texas Ambassadors Basketball

Emerging prospect 2013 W 5’7 Jonelle Smith has great potential. With nice size & projected to be right at 5’11 the true sophomore will do great things in the years to come. Smith has a nice mid range shot with the ability to take you off the bounce. The young sophomore is very aggressive at attacking the basket, and had countless hustle plays throughout the P Ville Fall league.
2013 W 5’7 Jonelle Smith
Pflugerville High School
Jonelle going strong to the cup
Jonelle will suit up with the D-1 Ambassadors 2013 elite group this summer, and will be a huge asset to the team. The 2013 elite group will head off to Virginia in April of 2011 to showcase their talent in front of college coaches from all across the country. 

Welcome Jonelle


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