D-1 Nation Coaches Corner: Coach Jane Martin of Akins High School

Contributing Editor:
Joseph Dean

D-1 Nation contributing editor Joseph Dean caught up with Coach Jane Martin for this segment of coaches corner.

Whats your alma mater?
University of Texas
How Long have you been coaching basketball?
12 Years
What Inspired you to become a coach?
Being able to help with the development of today’s youth. I have a very high passion for the game 
Who will be your toughest opponent(s) this year?
Del Valle or Westlake
What are some of your key goals for this season?
Have my team playing with more consistency. Winning district

Jane Martin
Head Coach of Akins High School (Girls)

What is the most difficult aspect of coaching basketball?
Dealing with players emotions and all the things that happen off the court
Give you definition of a good coach?
Knowing the game and your players. Being a leader and mentor for athletes on and off the court
Who is your favorite college coach?
Pat Summitt with the University of Tennessee

I have had the privilege of watching coach Martin in action. Jane believes in student athletes working hard on and off the court. She continues to be a great asset for the Austin community and the students of Akins High School. Coach I wish you the best this season, and look forward to watching you guys play.


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