St. Thomas High School JV Fall League

Oct. 12, 2010

5:00pm St.Thomas black(frosh) (2-4) vs St.Pius X(JV) (2-4)
halftime SPHS 38- STHS 32
final score SPHS 80  – STHS 53

Chris Walker  6’0 (2013) ST. Pius

SPHS- Chris Walker 18pts, Solomon 18pts, John Paul 14pts, John Griffin 11pts
STHS- Jaime Keating 27pts, Jordan Rosales 13pts, Joshua Reese 13pts,

Jaime Keating 6’2 (2014) St. Thomas HS

6:00pm ST.HS(JV) (3-3) vs Lamar HS (JV) (0-4)
halftime score LHS 23- STHS 16
final score STHS 41– LHS 29

Rowan Brumant 6’3 (2012) St. Thomas HS

STHS-Jaren Murphy 10, Rowan Brumant 10pts,
LHS- no player scored double digits

7:00pm Memorial HS(JV) (6-0) vs Washington HS(JV) (3-1)
halftime Score-WHS 34-MHS 25
final score- MHS 58  -WHS 49

MHS- Rod Dayyani 18, Michael White 13
WHS- Marquez LeBlanc 13 pts

Marquez LeBlanc 6’4(2013) Washington HS

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