D1 Nation Coaches Corner: Coach Brian Young of Kerrville Tivy

The D1 Nation caught up with Coach Brian Young of Kerrville Tivy for this edition of Coaches Corner.
What’s your alma mater?
Texas Lutheran University
How long have you been a high school coach?
24 years.
What inspired you to become a coach?
To stay connected to the game.
What’s your favorite food?
Who are going to be your toughest opponents this year?
They’ll all have their strengths
What’s the most difficult aspect of high school coaching?
Parents with unrealistic expectations.
Who is your favorite college coach?
Coach K (Duke)
Coach Brian Young of Kerrville Tivy
What’s your definition of a good coach?
Someone who gets student athletes to get more out of themselves than they believe is in them.
If you weren’t a coach, what would you be?
What music’s playing on your IPOD before a game?
Who’s the best player you ever coached?
Too many to list.
What are your goals for this season?
To win one game at a time, as many as we can & build momentum heading into the playoffs.
What you see is what you get with Coach Young.  He’s a no nonsense, old school coach who teaches tough, physical basketball. He’s got a State Championship on his resume’. He’s the kind of guy who teaches character, and increases the capacity of each player’s work ethic.-Coach Max Ivany

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