D1 Nation Coaches Corner: Coach Gary Nichols of Fort Bend Thurgood Marshall

D1 Nation’s AW “Gym Range” Robinson kickin’ it with Portland Trail Blazer/Houston Rocket & hometown Houston Sterling alum, Clyde “The Glyde” Drexler

In this edition of D1 Nation Coaches Corner. Gym Range caught up with Coach Gary Nichols of Fort Bend Marshall.

What is your alma mater?
Albion College   Albion , Michigan
How long have you been coaching high school basketball? 
28 years
Who inspired you to get into coaching?

No one, but my parents inspired
me to do something to help people.
What is you favorite food?

Seafood and home cooked meals
What teams will be the toughest games this year?

All of them will be tough.

What is the most difficult task when coaching basketball?
Getting players to understand their roles.
Who is you favorite college coach?
Nolan Richardson, Clem Haskins, Tubby Smith
Give you definition of a good coach?

Cares for the players, and
refusing to let them not work hard.
What music do you listen to before a game?

Jazz if I’m too hype. Old school funk.
Who is the best players you’ve ever coached?

Too many to name without leaving someone out.
What are some goals for this season?

Every year the same goals: work as hard as possible to be the best.


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