D-1 Ambassadors Flagship Girls

Contributing Editor: Joseph Dean

Team James and crew attended the super showcase event held in Frisco Texas this past weekend. The talented group of girls went 2-2 as it was some pretty good competition. With over 50 coaches on hand, it was put up or shut up time. D-1 came out with lots of intensity and competed hard every single game. Going up against the Louisiana Lady Lighting really got about 20 coaches attention as they sat around and enjoyed a very competitive game. All the girls did a great job this weekend, while getting a ton of great exposure.

D-1 Ambassadors 17u Flagship
2011 G 5’4 Vanessa Winston
Great PG with excellent defensive footwork . Has great court vision, with the ability to be a scorer.
Austin Akins High School
2011 W 5’11 Kathyryn Tolbert
Excellent range from the perimeter. Great slasher with the size and length to work the post.
Hendrickson High School
2011 G 5’7 Rebekah Knudson
Great two guard with a load of athleticism. Excellent defender with a nice offensive skill set.
New Braunsfel High School


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