St. Thomas High School Fall League


ST. Thomas Varsity Fall League
Sept. 29,

5:00pm STHS Red (Varsity) (4-0) vs Memorial HS (3-1)
halftime score sths 24- MHS 11
final score STHS 53- MHS 30

Ian Hurley (2011) 5’10 led all scorers with 18
Christian Sanders (2012) 6’3

ST. Thomas jumped out to an early lead off early turnovers by Memorial. Ian Hurley paced St. Thomas with 18pts, while his backcourt mate Christian Sanders controlled the tempo all game. Memorial struggled to score in the half court set,  thus allowing ST. Thomas to get easy baskets.

STHS- Ian Hurley 18pts,  Christian Sanders 12pts -Jeremy King 15 rebs
MHS-  Russell Clark 11pts,

6:00pm STHS white (II) (2-2) vs ST. Pius HS (2-2)
halftime score SPHS 38- STHS 24
final score- SPHS 69- STHS 56

Chris Brown (2011) 6’4 STHS

STHS-Chris Brown 16pts, 12rebs, Chris Voss 14pts
SPHS-Trey Guidry 17pts, 12 Carl Culberson, Devon Turk 11pts,

Trey Guidry (2012)  6’6 ST.Pius HS 

ST. Pius used contant pressure to speed up the place and play,  and ST. Thomas never adjusted to the tempo of Pius. In a game of runs St. Pius was able to outlast the Eagles down the stretch, in the game of the arch rivals.

7:00pm Wheatley HS (4-0) vs Spring Woods HS(0-4)
halftime score WHS 36-SWHS 16
final score WHS 80- SWHS 46

WHS- Randy Lewis 19, Victor Preston 14,Julius Hudson 13,  Jarrion Brooks 10pts
SWHS- Faliq Gaiter 12pts
8:00pm Reagan HS (0-4) vs Second Baptist HS(1-3)
halftime score RHS 51- SBHS 37
final score
In a very heated game for a fall league game, Reagan HS pulled out its 1st victory of the league. Khalil Potts lead all scorers and controlled the tempo for the Reagan bulldogs. Second Baptist big 3 made plays, but ran out of gas in the contest.

Khalil Potts (2013) guard 5’10

RHS- Khalil Potts 24, Marcus Ballard 15,
SBHS-Charles Allen  20pts ,Khadeem lattin 15pts, Kendrick Morris 12pts

Charles Allen (2011) guard 6’1 SBHS
Khadeem Lattin 6’9 (2014) SBHS

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