D1 Nation Diamond In The Rough: 2013 W 6’1" Terrell "T Rex" Colbert of Angleton

Angleton HS made the trip up to San Marcos, TX and ran into two pretty solid teams in Leander & Laredo Nixon.  It was worth the trip though as I was on hand repping the D1 Nation and found a definite D1 Nation Diamond In The Rough.  Rail thin 2013 W 6’1″ Terrell “T Rex” Colbert was a whirling dervish at all times for the Arlington Wildcats.  The sophomore poured in 20 plus points in both contests.  He did it in the high post, in transition, and was particularly effective when he slashed to the hoop when he’d cut in from the wing.
2013 Terrell “T Rex” Colbert of Angleton
Colbert did not play any summer basketball last year.  That needs to change.  Angleton’s got a good one for the next three years.  College coaches alert!

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