D1 Nation Coaches Corner: Coach Garrett Grief of Austin St. Michael’s

This is the first installment of our D1 Nation Coaches Corner in the Austin/San Antonio area.  We’ve been paying tribute to the players in the area for a long time, but what about the men & women who lead them? Meet Garrett Grief of Austin St. Michael’s
Garrett Grief, coaching ’em up at St. Michael’s
1. What is your high school & college alma mater?

St. Michaels Academy in Austin and I am currently in college.
2. How long have you been coaching high school basketball?
I have been coaching select basketball for three years and coaching at St. Michaels for two.
3. Who inspired you to get into coaching?
I was very fortunate to play for a number of great coaches including Coach Eddie Oran (Texas), my father Gary Grief, & Coach Mackey Smith, who is currently my boss and mentor at St. Michaels. All three of those coaches had a very large impact on my life as a person, and a coach.
4. What is your favorite food?
I will eat anything but I love Chinese food and a good Italian dish.
5. What opponents will be your toughest games this year?
For school basketball, San Antonio Central Catholic is always tough. We will also be playing in a Lake Travis tournament and I am sure we will face some tough teams there as well. For select basketball, playing the other D1 Ambassador teams are always very competetive games.
6. What is the most difficult part of being a high school coach?
The difficult parts are also the most rewarding. Helping young men become better basketball players, while also helping them be successful off the court can be hard at times, but it is why I coach.
7. Who is your favorite college coach?
Bobby Knight.
8. Give your definition of a good coach.
My definition of a good coach is someone that can get the most out of his/her players. Also, one that is good at what he/she teaches. It is not necessarilly what type of scheme or game plan that wins games, but how well a coach can teach it.
9. If you weren’t a coach, what would you be?
I have always wanted to ranch and have a cattle business.
10. What music do you listen to before a game?
300 Violin Orchestra.
11. Who is the best player(s) you’ve ever coached?
Jake Kocher at St. Michaels is the best player I have ever coached. Offensively, there is nothing he cannot do. As a junior, he was the leading scorer in Central Texas and I expect great things for him in the future.
12. What are your goals for this season?
For school basketball, a State Championship is a realistic goal for our varsity team. As far as our subvarsity teams, I expect to win district for the second year in a row. For select basketball, with the Texas D1 Ambassadors I want the players I coach to improve on their game, because that is really what select basketball is all about.

I’ve known Coach Grief & his Family since his middle school days, when he’d play in our summer tournaments. He was a thinking man’s player & he’s one of the new breed of high school coaches who not only embraces quality club basketball programs, but he even gets involved too.  One of the things I pledged as the D1 Nation has grown is that we have quality coaches at all levels of our summer program.  We’re happy to have Coach Grief on board. He’s a classy young coach.  I enjoy watching him mold young men at the school and club levels.-Coach Max Ivany


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