St. Thomas High School Fall League

September 22 Varsity Fall League Schedule

5:00pm STHS RED(Varsity) (3-0) vs ST. Pius HS (2-1) * game of the night
halftime score STHS 43- SPHS 23
box score STHS 46- SPHS 25

Christian Sanders (2012) 6’3 guard

  STHS-Andrew Jones 17pts , Ian Hurley 8pts, Christian Sanders 8pts
SPHS- Devon Turk 8pts, Trey Guidry 8pts

Trey Guidry 6’5 (2012) wing

6:00pm STHS White(II) (2-1)vs Memorial HS (2-1)
halftime score STHS 18-MHS 27
final score MHS 38- STHS 33

7:00pm Wheatley HS (3-0) vs Spring Woods HS (0-3)
halftime WHS 41- SWHS 16
final score- WHS 67- SWHS 28
WHS- Jarrion Brooks 16pts, Paul Ball 10pts, Victor Preston 10pts
8:00pm Second Baptist (0-3) vs Houston Reagan HS (0-3)
halftime score SBHS 38- RHS 37
final score SBHS 83- RHS 76

Khalil Potts (2013) guard
Jared Pruitt (2011) guard

RHS-Jared Pruitt 20pts, Khalil Potts 16pts,
SBHS-  Charles Allen 27pts,5rebs, 2 stls,  Julien Person 15pts 3blks,6rebs, Nicholas Madole 11,

Charles Allen (2011) guard
Julien Person (2011) 6’7 wing
Nicholas Madole (2012) 6’2

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