D1 Nation Real Talk: 2012 G Rasheed Sulaimon

D1 Nation Contributing Editor, A.W. “Gym Range” Robinson caught up with 2012 G Rasheed Sulaimon of Strake Jesuit HS.  Below, he finishes strong at the rack.  The high level shooting guard currently holds the mantle of the #1 player in Houston, according to Rivals.com

Q. How old were you when you started playing basketball?

A. I started playing competitive basketball at the YMCA when I was 4.
Q. What are some of your hobbies outside of basketball?
A.  I really dont have any real hobbies outside of basketball.  I go to school, go to practice,   then go to the gym to workout…lol.
Q. What is your favorite class in school?
A. Algebra is my favorite class.  I’ve always liked math since I was little.
Q. What music are you listening to before a game?
A. Before the game I like to listen to L’il Wayne to get me going before we start warming up.
Q. What is your favorite food?
A. Right now my favorite food is pizza. There’s a spot in H-town called Candelari’s. It’s real good.
Q. What college or NBA player do you model your game after?
A.  I like to model my game after Kobe Bryant. I have all his tapes and i like to study how efficient easily he scores on a consistant basis.
Q. List some goals you’ve set for this year?
A. This year for high school I only have one goal, and thats to win a State Championship.
Q. Who are the Top 5 colleges recruiting you the hardest?
A.  I’ve been hearing from alot of schools, I dont think I can cut the list down to a certain 5 right now. I like a lot of different schools and those schools are showing me alot of love too.
Q. Who is the best player you played against all spring or summer?
A. There are alot of good players around the circuit. I think the person who gave me the most competition was Austin Rivers in Orlando (at the AAU 17U Championships).
Q. What is the best conference in college basketball?
A.  In my opinion right now I would have to say the ACC.  The last two National Champions did come from that conference.
Q. List the Top 6 players in Houston right now?
A. Hahaha..hmm the top 6 players in houston right now, not in order, would have to be:  Myself, L.J. Rose, J. Mychal Reese, Cameron Ridley, Sheldon McClellan, and Wannah Bail.
Q. What part of your game needs improvement the most?
A. I think I need to improve on my jumping ability and quickness the most in order to help take my game to the next level.
Q.  Do you plan on attending any fall basketball skills camps/clinics this year?
A.  Currently I don’t have any skills camps or clinics. I’m just focusing big time on the upcoming high school season.
Q.  Who are the Top 5 teams in 5A and 4A this year?
A.  The top 4A teams in Texas this year are probably The Colony, Galveston Ball, Dallas Kimball, Galveston, La Marque, & Houston Yates.  The top 5A teams are probably North Crowley & Fort Bend Bush.  Those teams are really standing out from the rest right now.
Q.  Where do you see yourself being 5 years from now?
A.  Five years from now I see myself being very successful doing something that I greatly enjoy, whether basketball is involved or not.

Rasheed is a player that has worked really hard  on improving his overall game.  He can really score in bunchs, in every way possible.  He’ll have a target on his back this year, as he’ll be challenged  on a nightly basis to prove why he is ranked the top 2012 Houston player by Rivals.


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