D1 Nation Coaches Corner: Bryan Harris of Fort Bend Clements (Girls)

Coach Bryan Harris (right) and his staff lead the Fort Bend Clements Rangers

In our first installment of D1 Nation Coaches Corner featuring girls basketball,  A. W. “Gym Range” Robinson caught up with Fort Bend Clements Head Coach Bryan Harris.
What is your alma mater?
University of Tennessee ……….Go Big Orange ………….Master’s Indiana University
How long have you been coaching high school basketball?
11 Years HS Varsity – 2 year’s College
Who inspired you to get into coaching?
Pat Summitt
What is you favorite food?
What teams will be the toughest games this year?
Hightower, Elkins, Austin – Very Athletic and well Coached
What is your most difficult task when coaching basketball?
Interest levels vary at the high school level and trying to balance a “want to” attitude
Who is you favorite college coach?
Bruce Pearl – Pat Summitt
Give your definition of a good coach?
Passionate and Disciplined and understand adjustments
What music do you listen to before a game?
90’s Rap
Who is the best player(s) you’ve ever coached?
Brittany Davis – University of Florida
DA Hilliard – North Florida
Deirdre Hilliard – South Alabama
Buelah Osueke – Arkansas
Tabitha Mokopondo – Illinois
Jennifer Hardy – University of Central Florida
Kittery Neal – Davidson
Tiffany Hayes – UCONN
What are some goals for this season?
Develop a taste of “Winning” & measure the improvement from October to March.
Coach Harris, that’s quite a resume’ and roster of high level players that you’ve coached.  You could field a pretty good AAU team out of that bunch.  Congratulations.  It never ceases to amaze me how many talented kids are in the Fort Bend District, both boys and girls.  BUT coach, as a Texas guy, could you PLEASE not wear a Bruce Pearl orange blazer!  jk, as you can see I honored your Vols with the orange text  🙂  Coach Max Ivany


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