D1 Nation Coaches Corner: Jerald Temple of Galveston Ball

Welcome to our NEW feature.  Yes, the basketball is ultimately about the kids, but how about the people who lead our youth; mentoring them in the classroom as well as on the court.  In our inaugural installment of our D1 Nation Coaches Corner, A.W. “Gym Range” Robinson caught up with Coach Jerald Temple of Galveston Ball High School.

Coach Jerald Temple of Galveston Ball High School
What is your alma mater?
Galveston Ball; University of North Texas

How long have you been coaching high school basketball?
15 years
Who inspired you to get into coaching?
My Son, Danzell
What is your favorite food?
Can’t lie- Chicken Wings
What teams will be your toughest games this year?
The team you leave off the list we’ll be the one that beats you…
Hightower, Lake Travis, La Marque, we’re also invited to the Great Florida Shoot-Out
What is the most difficult task when coaching basketball?
Getting young men to reach their potential. It’s also the most rewarding.
Who is your favorite college coach?
John Thompson Sr. of Georgetown – with the early 80’s Hoyas
Give your definition of a good coach?
Coaches who care enough to discipline a player as well as pat them on the back.
What music do you listen to before a game?
Classical, Jazz … just kidding. Top 40, R&B, Hip Hop
Who is the best player you’ve ever coached?
Larry Durand. He was great leader.  (Durand currently plays at Concordia University, Austin, TX)
What are some goals for this season?
Win a tournament, Win 20 games, Win district, make it to Austin!


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