St. Thomas High School Fall League (Sept. 8)

Week 2 Varsity Fall League Schedule/Match-ups
STHS Red (Varsity) 76  vs Spring Woods 58
*Players to watch
STHS- 6’9 Jeremy King (2012), 6’3 Christian Sanders (2012), 6’0 Chase Brogna (2012), 5’10 Ian Hurley(2011)
SWHS- 6’0 Max Gerell (2011), Falaq Gaiter(2011)
Box Score
SWHS-(0-2) Falaq Gaiter 23pts, Max Gerell 12pts
STHS- (2-0)Chris Voss 21pts, Ian Hurley 19pts 4st, 4asst,  Chris Brown 11pts 10rebs, Andrew Jones  11pts 5asst
*Jeremy King, Christian Sanders, Chase Brogna didnt play due to school function.
STHS White (II) 71 vs Houston Reagan HS 69
STHS- 6’3 Ryan Taylor (2012), 5’9 Darnell Theriot Jr., (2012)
RHS- 6’1 Kalil Potts (2013), 6’2 Kendall Ramlal (2013)
Box Score
STHS(2-0)- Ian Hurley 16, Chris Brown 14pts, 9rebs, Chris Voss 12pts
RHS- (0-2)Kalil Potts 23pts, 3asst, Kendall Ramlal 14pts
*Jaren Murphy hit a late 3pt to put ST Thomas ahead 3 in the final 30sec, capped off by a late layup by Andrew Jones to seal the victory.
Wheatley HS  90 vs ST.Pius X  63 (game of the night)
WHS- 6’0 Jarrion Brooks(2011), 6’0 Kedron Ginn(2011), 6’4 Victor Preston(2011), 6’2 LaJuan Jones(2013)
SPX- 6’6 Trey Guidry(2012), 6’0 Carl Culberson(2012), 6’7 Jarvis Thibodeaux (2011)
Box Score
WHS (2-0)-Julius Hudson 15, Paul Ball 14, Jarrion Brooks 12, Victor Preston 11, Kedron Ginn 10
SPX- (0-1)John Paul 20 5blks., Terrell Jackson 15
*Trey Guidry, Carl Culberson, Jarvis Thibodeaux didnt play.
Wheatley used its fast style of play and trapping defense to force St. Pius into mistakes, and simply wore down St. Pius over the course of the game.
Memorial HS 49 vs Second Baptist 40
MHS- 5’9 Kyle Dobbin(2012), 6’2 Walker Pennington(2013),6’4 Russell Clark(2011)
SBHS-6’3 LJ Rose (2012), 6’6 Julien Pearson (2011), 6’7 Kadeem Lattin(2014)
Box Score
MHS-(1-1) Russell Clark 14, Graham Taylor 11pts
SBHS-(0-2)Kadeem Lattin 10pts, Julien Pearson 11pts
* LJ Rose didnt play due to injury.


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