Rice University Basketball/Football

I whipped down I-10 from San Antone to Houston (200 miles) this morning and caught the mild smackdown put on at Reliant Stadium:  Texas 34  Rice 17…wow, another college football season is under way.  However, it wasn’t the pigskin that brought me to H-Town.  I headed to Rice University for open gym as they had several recurits in town, including 2011 PG Dylan Ennis from Toronto, Canada (currently attending Lake Forest, IL).  Ennis has a bucketful of offers at the moment, but Rice was his first official visit.
Below: Houston’s Reliant Stadium (Rice’s home field) was awash in burnt orange as the Longhorn faithful invaded H Town.

Ennis is more than adequate athletically, and was quick, but controlled in transition.  I didn’t get to see him shoot it much because he was so unselfish and looked to get his pick up game mates all the easy shots/dunks.  He did a heck of a job as his “skins” team didn’t lose a game in the hour plus that I watched them play.  He knows how to run a team, has great pace and made several sweet no looks where he threaded the needle for easy buckets.
2011 PG Dylan Ennis
Dylan’s Pops, Tony McEntire runs the C.I.A Bounce program out of Toronto, Canada where he has a barrel full of talent at all age groups.  Big props to Coach Ben Braun & Assistant Marco Morcos, and Athletic Trainer Dean Miller of Rice for being so accommodating on such short notice.  Thanks-Coach Max

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