Texas D1 Ambassador Brandon Webster Playing In El Salvador

It seems like only yesterday (spring of 2003) when I was sitting around with my old coaching buddy, Mark Beasley after we had just finished playing an AAU game in San Marcos, TX. The Texas D1 Ambassadors had just thumped somebody locally so we were grabbing a hamburger by one of our new freshman players from Bryan, TX named Leslie Jackson. (Leslie went on to sign with Louisiana Tech, finishing this past spring with Texas-San Antonio).  Leslie matter of factly said, “Hey Coach, I have another friend in Bryan who would like to play”.  I proceeded to explain to young Jackson that we weren’t a rec team and that we just didn’t add kids willy nilly.
Leslie kept on chewing his burger and said. “Ok Coach, I thought you migh be interested because he’s already 6’8”.  I dropped my food and said, “tell me more”.  A week later, Brandon Webster, aka Big Webb was wearing the orange of the D1 Ambassadors.  Webster eventually grew into his 6’10” frame and to this day I’ve never met another human being with hands as big and long as this young shotblocker.  Webster initially signed with Texas A&M, but went on to play at Fresno State.  As with most bigs it takes a long time to develop, but apparently a light has come on and just Tuesday Brandon contacted me via Facebook & then email to inform me of his progress.

Texas D1 Ambassador Brandon Webster (below left) before a game with Liga Elite de Balconcesto de El Salvador, which in English means the El Salvador Elite Basketball League.
Big Webb is averaging 15 points, 15 boards & 3 rebounds as he preps for the All Star game which he has been selected to play in.  He’ll return to the United States in early October and has tryouts lined up with three different D League teams.  Big Webb, says his in his best shape ever and looks forward to his future in professional basketball.  Apparently, in his first pro season the Big Fella is finally getting it.  If he’s decided now to work hard, then the sky’s the limit.  I always believed that.  Each week Brandon visits a local school to work with the local kids.  He’s maturing, he’s giving back.  When you’re 6’10” people look up to you in more ways than one. Yvonne Webster sure has even more reason to be proud of here baby boy!
Big Webb and his Ex Sal team mates visit a local school in Salvador, El Salvador

It has to be quite an experience for Big Webb.  He’s far away from home, in a foreign culture and he doesn’t speak Spanish fluently.  But, he has become a local favorite.  Below, he draws stares as he rides along the beach.

Good luck, Webb. We’re all cheering for you back home in Texas.
Coach Max & The Texas D1 Ambassadors Family

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