St. Thomas High School Fall League

School is back in session in the classroom,  and that means local fall leagues will get under way in the very near future. Today I had an opportunity to drop in at St. Thomas High School (4500 Memorial) and watch their fall league get under way. For the next 7 weeks every Tuesday and Wednesday St. Thomas will host a fall league to help their squads and several other high caliber teams prepare for the upcoming season. On Tuesdays 4 local JV teams will play starting @ 5:00pm,  and on Wednesdays 8 Varsity teams will mix it up while their respective coaches sit and watch their boys in action. Here is a recap of Tuesdays action:

Game 1
5:00pm  Houston St. Thomas Black (STH Freshman) 47  Houston Memorial HS (JV) 51
This one was close the entire ball game. You could tell this was the 1st game of the year as both teams got off to a sluggish start. ST. Thomas has 3 freshman that will be very good and piqued my interest instantly. They are Joshua Reese, Jaime Keating, and Bret Perry. Whenever you have a good point guard, scoring wing, and skilled big men you have a great future ahead of you. 
Memorial has a group of players that play hard,  very well together, and has some size. Don’t sleep on these guys.

St. Thomas’ J. Keating lead all scores with 22pts.

Game 2
6:00pm  Houston St. Thomas Grey (STH JV)  62   Houston St. Pius X (JV) 58

In a district preview to come,  these two teams wasted no time getting after each other. Both teams played hard and neither team led by more than 5pts the entire game. The players and the fans both were already in mid-season form .  St.Thomas has a good mixture of young talent with veterans on their JV. ST.Pius X is led by 2 young guards who provide a nice 1-2 punch. Both teams have a few footbal players missing that will make a difference during the season.  The game came down to the wire with ST. Pius X unable to tie the game on several chances, and therefore had to foul. St. Thomas made free throws down the stretch to escape with an early season victory and bragging rights.

St. Thomas – PJ 13, Jamil David 12, Rowan Brumant 12
St. Pius X- Chris Walker 15, John Griffin 15


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