Killeen Players Make Five Star All Star Game (@Baylor University)

The month of July is primarily reserved for the “big boys & girls” as top high school prospects are out in force, displaying their skills in front of college coaches from coast to coast.  I just got in from being on the road 20 days reporting on various “NCAA Live Events” from around the country.  after a half day to catch my breath, I want to give props to some young ballers from the Killeen area who prospered at the Five Star Camp held at baylor University in early July.

Below: Damien Upshaw, Mikell Clark, Demarius Cress, & Shakur Martin particpated in the Orange-White Classic

Below:  2015 PG Demarius Cress of Killeen captured top PG of the Camp Honors for the 2nd straight year.  Cress is the son of Texas D-1 Ambassadors Coach Darrell Cress.

Below is an excerpt of an interview/story done by on Texas D-1 Ambassadors Coach Darrell Cress.  Darrel, on behalf of all the D-1 Ambassadors Family and our community we thank you for your service to your country and to the boys! 
Coach Max Ivany  Director,  D1 Nation

Texas D-1 Ambassadors coach Darrell Cress has two passions – the military and basketball. Cress has balanced his time helping out the U.S. Army in whatever capacity with coaching players on an AAU level.

Cress has spent the last five seasons coaching with the D-1 Ambassadors program, but last year, he missed the GASO series after being deployed to Iraq. This year, he’s back in the coaching seat and trying to lead his team to a GASO championship.

“My job required me to go overseas every 24 months,” Cress said. “Usually, I try to time it so I can coach, but I had to miss out last year. It was the first time in 10 years, and that killed me.”

Cress is coaching a team featuring 2011 standouts such as Deon Mitchell, Jaleel Williams and Eric McClellan. The Ambassadors won Pool 1 over the Texas Blue Chips White, Believe Basketball and the Dallas Hot Shots. Cress’ team is scheduled to face the Austin Ice in a first-round NBA Division championship-bracket game.

“This is what I love to do; it’s my passion,” Cress said of coaching. “One of our kids asked me why I don’t coach high school ball. Being in the military the last 24 years, that’s really hard to do. I felt I could best serve the kids by giving them something in the off-season, and this is a great opportunity for me. Without this, I wouldn’t be fulfilling my own dream.”


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