Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Team Josephs: July Schedule & Roster

2009 Atlantic Slam Champions (Myrtle Beach, SC)  Texas D-1 Ambassadors
Last year, yours truly had the pleasure of coaching the above group of young men.  Individually and collectively it was one of our most accomplished teams.  Winners of the prestigious Atlantic Slam (Myrtle Beach, SC), Rivals.com Memorial Day Shootout (Birmingham, AL), USSSA Texas State Champions & the GASO Father’s Day Tournament.
That group featured 5 sophomores and college signees Daniel Alexander (Texas A&M), Brian Williams (Oklahoma State), D.J. Stephens (Memphis), Cody Doolin (San Francisco), Paul Garnica (Northern Colorado), R.J. McGhee (North Texas) & William Nelson (Baton Rouge CC).
This season the Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Team Josephs go to South Carolina to defend our title.
July 8-9th       Atlantic Slam I                 Myrtle Beach, SC
Invitation ONLY event
July 10-11th   Atlantic Slam II               Myrtle Beach, SC
Invitation ONLY event
July 22-25th   Las Vegas Super 64        Las Vegas, NV

July 27-28th   Phoenix Desert Duel/Phoenix Desert Invitational
The 4 Texas D-1 Ambassadors rosters will be dropped down to two groups (20 players) who will finish the season in Phoenix.


2011 G   5’10”  Sean Bambace               San Antonio Antonian
2012 G   5’10”  Carter Josephs              San Antonio Clark
2012 G   6’2″   Michael Douglass          San Antonio Churchill
2012 G  5’10”  Adam Perez                    San Antonio Clark
2012 P   6’9″   Connor Lammert            San Antonio Churchill
2011 G  6’3″   Alec Senioris                   San Antonio Central Catholic
2011 W 6’4″   Kyle Rutledge                 San Antonio Clark
2011 W 6’4″   Ansley Benjamin             San Antonio Clark
2011 G 6’2″    Tom Berry                       San Antonio Central Catholic
2011 P 6’6″     Clark Lammert               San Antonio Churchill
2011 G 6’4″    Jacob Palacios                 San Antonio Clark

Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Team Josephs will be counting on stout backcourt play from two youngsters, 2012 ballhandler Adam Perez (L) and 2012 shooter Michael Douglass (R)


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