Player Spotlight: 2015 G Japreece Dean

2015 G 5’5 Japreece Dean continues to dominate at high levels. The young seventh grader out of Del Valle averaged 27 PPG last season, and plays very solid at the 8th & 9th grade level. Dean has superior ball handling skills with the ability to take you off the bounce.

Dean taking her man off the bounce

Japreece has excellent range on her shot & really can get a team out and running. Her court vision is superior.I had the privilege of watching her play this past weekend and was amazed at some of the passes she distributed to her team mates. Dean is academically sound and has a great future in the game of basketball. While under the watchful eye of a few D-1 schools Dean will continually develop as a player and should be a major prospect in the class of 2015.

The guard got ups
Dean’s last evaluation from the All American Prodigy Camp

2015 G 5’2″ Japreece Dean of Austin was a shooter deluxe at our camp. Hitting 9 of 10 shots in the Hot Shot Competition in a time of 38:28 Japreece had only two other shooters in the camp who remotely approached her score and time. Those two boys were in the Class of 2010 and 2011! She has a smooth release, making her dangerous shooting the ball from any spot on the floor. Ball handling was superior with her left and right hand, as well as her court vision. Her 20 yard time of 3.08 was tops in the Class of 2015 as was her vertical leap of 21.7″. In fact, it wasn’t until the Class of 2013 Boys where someone exceeded her vertical…Coach Max


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