Hello To All Our International Basketball Fans!

Texas Basketball Inc. and Coach Max’s Texas Prep Report continues to grow beyond even my wildest dreams.  I want to take a minute before we enter the July viewing period and thank everyone for trusting us for insights and updates on players in Texas (and Mississippi & Louisiana as well).
Our daily traffic now shows about 50% of our visitors being from the State of Texas, another 45% from across the country, with the remaining 5% coming from around the globe.  Just today alone we had visitors from several areas of Canada, Dubai, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Turkey, Panama & Chile.  Wow!  Continue to spread the word, please.
Basketball is truly our family’s passion. My son, Chip Ivany & future daughter in law (Judy Jones) are Division One players and both are involved in the training and coaching of many of the players in our club. Assisting young people in being able to attend college and play the game they love is incredibly gratifying.  I am humbled by the small role we’re able to play. The D-1 Nation is truly growing.  College coaches call at the rate of 5-10 per day for info (sometimes more) Anyone who has suggestions as to how I can make the site better, please feel free to email me at TexasBasketball@aol.com
                Coach Max & Miss Yolanda
Thank You to the public, the college coaches who seek out my evaluations, as well as all the families & coaches that make up the D-1 Nation…Coach Max

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