2012 PG Michael Hardge On The Rise

It‘s always fun to watch high level players do their thing.  It’s even more enjoyable to be able to say, “I remember when, before the kid earned a big rep.  2012 PG Mike Hardge of Georgetown is on the cusp of that big rep.  Last year Hardge was a rare bird, a freshman playing at the 17U level with the Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Chip.  He filled a role as an understudy to 2011 stud Deon Mitchell and was a part of several big tournament championships in the summer of 2009.  D-1 Chip snagged the Texas Hoops GASO Father’s Day Championship with a win over the Dallas Heroes and then ended the summer with a convincing championship win over LeBryan Nash and the Dallas Mustangs in their own tournament up in the “Big D”.
2012 PG Michael Hardge of Georgetown
This past weekend in Phoenix at the Elite 8, Hardge really began to assert himself as a guy who can run a high level team by getting others involved. He also showed that he can get to the rack and finish (many times in spectacular fashion) in traffic against bigger players.  Hardge’s best asset at the moment is his still developing athleticism; coupled with his tight handles (right or left) and the fact that he’s cat quick.  Hardge also takes pride in his D, and is likely to take a charge or two during the course of any game.
Hardge was a starter from the time he stepped on the 5A Georgetown campus as a fish. He snagged 2nd team All District Honors 10.1ppg & a school record 140 assists in his inaugural campaign.  He followed that up this past year with 1st Team All District Honors; scoring 12.1ppg and notching another big assist year with 120.  Both times Hardge was the ONLY underclassman to receive All District Honors.  New Georgetown Coach Russell Miller’s Eagles will be in good hands with Hardge running the show for the next two seasons.
Our friends with Texas Hoops (Rivals.com) has Hardge listed as the 43rd overall prospect in Texas in the Class of 2012.  Excluding Super Soph J. Mychal Reese of Bryan, Yours Truly has Hardge listed neck and neck with 2012 Paul Baxter of Austin Bowie & 2012 Matt Gramling of San Antonio MacArthur as the best point guard prospects in the Class of 2012 in the Cen Tex/South Texas area.  We’re proud to have Michael Hardge as part of the D-1 Nation.
Michael is the son of Mike Hardge, former multi sport star at Killeen Ellison who went on to a stint in professional baseball with the NY Yankees, St. Louis & Montreal organizations.

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