D-1 Nation 2014 Capture 2nd Place In Spring Shootout

Team 2014 competed in the High School division this weekend in the Primetime Spring Shootout. The young group of 7th & 8th grade girls played at a high level, against some pretty good 9th & 10th grade teams. Tipping of their first game against the San Marcos Saints proved to be a huge test. Jumping out with aggressive play the young group went up 19, while stunning the Lady Saints. Their young group pulled it out by seven to advance in the bracket. Team 2014 has great athleticism along with the best three guard set I have seen in a while. 2014 G 5’3 Sarai Rodriquez is a true competitor. The 8th grade guard from Georgetown can play at a very high level, and has excellent skills. Sarai has great range from the perimeter or she can take you off the bounce. 2014 G 5’5 Tiffany Fowler has truly developed her game. Tiffany has excellent ball handling, shooting, and passing skills with the ability to shoot the three. Tiffany is home schooled, and already play at this level during the school season. 2015 G 5’5 Japreece Dean has an excellent game. The true 7th grader continues to be a match up problem for most teams in the area. Dean can play well above the 7th grade level and should be a Varsity starter in October of 2011.

D-1 Nation Team 2014

Game two of the tournament Team 2014 went up against the Lady Diamonds. This was a game that went down to the wire. 2014 hit key free throws down the stretch to close the Lady Diamonds out by five. 2015 W 5’7 Kennedy Harris can play three positions on either side of the floor. Kennedy is one the hardest working ladies in the business, and will burn you from the perimeter if you don’t watch it. The true 7th grader has developed an  all around game, with her size & great athleticism look for Kennedy to play at the Varsity level her first year. 2014 P 5’11 Shondra Guillory has really stepped up her game. Shondra has developed great footwork along with an arsenal moves around the basket. Shondra continues to work hard on her perimeter game, and you can see it coming along. Look for Shondra to be a huge impact player as she walks on the campus of Anderson in August of 2010.

2014 G 5’3 Sarai Rodriquez
2015 G 5’5 Japreece Dean
2014 G 5’5 Tiffany Fowler

Game three was the biggest test of the weekend. The young group went up against Push The Rock 17u in the championship game. PTR played very aggressive and was a little to quick for the young group of 7th & 8th graders. PTR 17u was really shocked to see that this young group will not go away. Down by more than twenty, Team 2014 fought back to close the gap to eight. PTR continued to keep the pressure on and went up by eighteen to close out the young group. I tell you winning second place in a bracket of 16u & 17u is not to shabby for this group.  

2015 W 5’7 Kennedy Harris
2014 P 5’11 Shondra Guillory

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