D-1 Nation Invades Houston & Dallas

The D-1 Nation has two teams competing in 17U at the Pearland Classic in Houston, TX ( Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Hardge & Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Josephs) while the next Level Baller Event in the Dallas area has Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Cress & Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Hardge competing in 17U.  In 15U the D-1 Nation has the Kansas City D-1 Ambassadors, Texas D-1-Battley, Texas D-1 Morse & Texas D-1 Bostic.  The Kansas City D-1 Ambassadors get their feet wet in the 14U Division.
17U  Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Cress  72 Dallas Mustangs Blue 59   @ Frisco, TX
The D-1 Ambassadors gave up the first basket of the night against the longer, more athletic Dallas Mustangs Blue but that was the only time they trailed.  Superior perimeter shooting had the game in hand the entire way, never leading by less than 10 the entire way.
Below Left: 2011 SG Jake Kocher of Austin St. Michael’s showed why he was the leading scorer in the City of Austin this past season with a 30 ppg game clip as he flexed his muscles against the Mustangs bullying them for 34 points, including five from behind the arc and 6 rebounds.  ( The pic was actually taken last week in Denver in a moment of fun, so no disrespect is intended.) Kocher had an unofficial visit last week to the University of Denver where the Pioneers are recruiting him.
Above Right: 2011 WG Jaleel Williams of Killeen Ellison proved to be a nightmare matchup from the perimeter.  Guard him and he’ll go by you, sag off him and he’ll hit the three.  Williams had all 13 of his points in the first half and added 5 assists.  Williams is a high major prospect at 6’5″ and is locking in on Pac 10 schools.
17U    Texas D-1 Ambassadors-Hardge 75  Houston Hurricanes 70  @ Pearland, TX
Texas D-1 came out sluggish but had just enough to put the Houston Hurricanes away in the opener of the Pearland Classic.  2011 W 6’4″ Jalen Washington (left) of Pflugerville Hendrickson had 13 points, while 2011 W Adam Whitlock (right) of Austin St. Michael’s scored 16 to lead all markmen.  2011 WG Royce O’Neale in his first game back from a broken leg had three from behind the arc for D-1.

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